A Rockin’ Quote to Kick Off 2014

It’s a year ago today that I officially started my current role as the Content Marketing Manager for Caterpillar. And what a year it’s been: I have learned so much in the last twelve months, both about myself, and about the challenges of introducing the idea of Content as an asset into a large global enterprise.

A lot of my time during 2013 was spent in what I guess could be termed “education mode.” Working with various business units and other groups around the company discussing how we can leverage the content they have, or are creating, to tell better stories about how we help make our customer’s around the world succesful.

The Content Marketing role is a new one to the organization, therefore it’s not surprising that one of the most frequent questions I’ve been asked is “What exactly is Content Marketing?” – Over the year I’ve worked on and refined my answer, and have various responses in differing levels of detail depending on who is asking the question, and the context in which it was asked.

But what I’d never managed to do was come up with a simple one-liner.

A Twitter entry posted by Robert Rose of the Content Marketing Institute on December 26th solved my problem. Robert wrote:

“Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world you are one.” — Robert Rose

Perfect. In fact I liked this quote so much that one of the first things I did on returning to the office today to start the new year, was print it out and pin it up on my office wall where I can see it every time I look up from my desk.

Thanks, Robert – and here’s to a rocking 2014.


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