Where have all the posts gone?

Wow – I just realized I haven’t posted anything here since May. Over two months ago! – That’s too long for a blog to go unattended, but I have a good reason.

I am deep into writing the book version of this very blog.
THE CONTENT POOL will cover, and expand on, many of the subjects I’ve discussed on this blog over the years. Plus I’ll be adding in more from my twenty plus years experience in the Business Communications industry to, hopefully, produce a though provoking book on exactly why content is your company’s greatest hidden asset.
THE CONTENT POOL is designed to help you:
  • Identify
  • Organize
  • Manage, and
  • Leverage
your content to reduce costs and increase revenue and profits.
Look for it later this year from XML Press.
I’ll be posting more updates, and maybe a few extracts, as we get closer to publication.

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