New Book Project: THE CONTENT POOL

Contracts are signed so can now announce that I will be writing another book for XML Press – “THE CONTENT POOL” will be published in 2011.

So what is “THE CONTENT POOL” about?

How to Identify, Organize, Manage, and Leverage Your Company’s Largest Hidden Asset.

Every company, no matter what industry they are in, or product or service they create, do four basic things. Offer something for sale, sell it, collect the money for it and create content about what they do. Product development, Marketing, Sales and Finance are all recognized as essential to the organization and are often reflected by VP or CXO level responsibility, yet a company’s content, which contains all of its intellectual property, is often overlooked. Whether they realize it or not every company’s secondary role is that of being a publisher. This book will aim to place content creation, management and distribution on a par with other core strategic business activities.

Identifying, organizing, managing and leveraging your content properly can make you money.

The book will take a look at:
– Why every company is a publisher.
– What content do you produce now and how do you use it.
– Identifying the audience, today and in the future.
– What about the language you use – is it costing you money or even making you legally liable?
– Content development silos – gain through collaboration.
– How Consistency saves you money.
– Where are your pain points?
– Styes and Standards
– Rewrite and reuse.
– It’s about answers not the documentation.
– Your customers will add value to your content
– Technology comes last.
– Your content can be a revenue source.
– Good content wins customers
– Helpful content reduces support costs.
– Develop a Content Strategy.

The book will conclude with – The Case for having a CCO (Chief Content Officer).

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